The remarkable art partnership of DnA has consistently produced a body of work that forces us to confront the ambiguities of the social condition and our participation or lack thereof that shape the creatures; Culture and Society.

Artistically The DnA Factory present us with sculptural assemblage or tableaux, collage and photomontage which merge observational reality with myth and story telling to a most thought provoking effect, with a peculiarly unique visual language built upon the idea of transformation/transmutation of the material bones, creating a whole from previously disparate elements.

An evocation of the ordinary and the extra-ordinary, the disguises we adopt and adapt in order to both hide and participate, the responses we illicit, suffer and indulge as we navigate our way through this life, alwaysaware of how hypocritical and absurd we are within our universal faiths and illusions.

Inspiration stems from experience, of storytelling and the power of word, questions of shifting morality, social norms and non-norms, alienation and difference, perceptions of sex and sexuality, gender and gender confusions, vision and interpretation, life, visceral, emotive, thought provoking and conducted on a very human scale.

The DnA Factory was established in 1990 by Dallas and Angel (DnA) after graduating Goldsmiths College.

A lengthy and diverse career has resulted in their work residing in many exclusive and prominent collections across the globe.