We’ve two new ‘upcycled’ works, ‘THE SILVER DREAM MESSAGE MACHINE [HANG ON TO YER HAT, WE’RE IN FOR A BUMPY RIDE]’  and ‘THE BIG GREEN MYTH MACHINE [SCREAM LOUDER IF YOU WANT TO GO FASTER!] included as part of the exhibition PULL UP TO MY BUMPER organised and curated by West Bank Gallery. The show features 20 artists who have taken the iconic vintage bumper car; fabricating, refurbishing and engineering these into totally re-purposed art installations. ‘This show really will be something to be witnessed first-hand as it explores some exceptionally alternative takes on these historic design classics’.

The exhibition opens on November 1st and runs until the 7th, with a private view on Thursday 4th November from 6.30pm and an end party extravaganza Saturday 6th , details to follow.

‘PULL UP TO MY BUMPER’ 26 Leake Street, London, SE1 7NN