2017-18 The Sculpture Shack/Models For Monuments @ Chelsea Arts Club, London

THE DnA FACTORY MRSS are proud to present a new site specific installation at Chelsea Arts Club with the creation of The Sculpture Shack, a dystopian summer house fabricated from salvaged materials, created to contain a series of their most recent sculpture/assemblages and collage, under the banner ‘Models For Monuments’.  This is the first time in the art clubs history that a member has designed and built a specific space for sculpture and the hope is that The Sculpture Shack will remain as a functioning temporary exhibition space for other members to use and enjoy.

The work is constructed from collections of found objects transformed and merged with cast and original sculpted pieces, creating independently functioning organisms, despite the various individual elements.  Themes concern reflections on the political, cultural and social ramifications of being here and now.

THE DnA FACTORY MRSS would like to thank everyone at the club who have helped us from concept to construction and installation, especially the Hanging Committee.





Photography : THE DnA FACTORY MRSS

2016. PunkPOPbaroQuE @ The Underdog, London  

A joint exhibition featuring THE DnA FACTORY MRSS & david apps.

An experiment in time and space and a chance to showcase a ‘Part One Section’ of a larger installation titled BackToGO. 

The collection of sculptures, prints and ephemera included in this show all interlink in the story (initially inspired by The Course Of Empire, a series of paintings by Thomas Cole, with their inspiration drawn from Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage by Byron).  They are all related, not only by maker but also as part of the game or piece of the puzzle. 

In ‘Part One Section’ we’re taking the viewer on a truncated journey through history, through the here and now, to pose a question about the future, about repetition, about direction, about hope.  We use the figure predominantly as a visual centre piece, clothed in metaphor, thereby the figure wears the emotional, political and physical responses to the question or questions posed. This also serves to emphasise the role of the our own species in the schematic, a reflection of society, a reflection of fears, of dreams, of desires and of consequences. 

As in The Course Of Empire, the path of this game takes us through ideas and images of growth, expansion and dissolution, a suggestion of their timeless and cyclical nature.

Sponsors for this exhibition : Neon Specialists, Spectrum, GiraffeCards, Vinyl Projects, Elemen’tary Design, Wyliewood, Jules, Andrew Hunt, Underdog Art and Incandescent Artists.






Photography : Brian Usher

2015. S.Ense Of Cellf @ The Stash Gallery, London

A very personal reveal, an installation incorporating object, sculpture and montage, charting the thirty year career of THE DnA FACTORY MRSS as artistic and life collaborators.  Installed in The Crypt of the Roman Catholic Church of the English Martyrs, Tower Hill, London.






Photography : THE DnA FACTORY MRSS